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What is eWeLink Keyboard

eWeLink Keyboard is a powerful new software of the eWeLink ecosystem that allows you to use keyboard shortcuts on your PC  to trigger manual scenes. 

What to Expect

With eWeLink Keyboard, you may control any of your manual scenes with the press of a keyboard shortcut, no need to open the eWeLink app, no need to awake the voice speaker. You can do it anytime on your keyboard, whether you are in a meeting, focusing on your work, or playing a video game. Where there is a keyboard, there is a shortcut to your smart home devices. 

Each user can create 1 keyboard device with 1 shortcut available. For users with more than one manual scene, you are recommended to upgrade to the eWeLink Advanced plan to enjoy as many as 6 shortcuts for every PC you have. 

As each PC is projected into the eWeLink app as a keyboard device, each time you install eWeLink Keyboard on a PC and log in to your eWeLink account, a virtual keyboard device will be added to your eWeLink account in the mobile app. For Advanced users, there is no limit on how many virtual keyboard devices. That is to say, no matter how many desktops you have, you can have 6x the shortcuts. 

What’s more, as an Advanced user, you will receive real-time push notifications of your eWeLink devices right on your PC.  In the message center of eWeLink Keyboard, you can also review the past push notifications of the last three months. 

If you work on a computer most of your time, eWeLink Keyboard will surely supercharge your productivity. Focus on other important matters. Leave smart home control to eWeLink Keyboard. 

Set your keyboard shortcut now in just 3 steps. 

1. Download the software here

2. Set a keyboard shortcut.

3. Run the keyboard shortcut.

Note: Only a windows version is available at this time. We are working to support Mac as soon as possible. Please stay tuned.

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