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Introducing eWeLink CUBE open API

Welcome, developers! This page serves as a comprehensive guide on integrating with eWeLink CUBE using its open API. By leveraging the power of the open API, you can seamlessly connect and control your devices within the eWeLink ecosystem. In this guide, we will present you with some practical examples and reference codes to help you kickstart your integration process.


The eWeLink CUBE open API is designed to empower developers like you to create seamless and extraordinary experiences for users. So, let’s get started and unlock the full potential of eWeLink CUBE!

Examples and Reference Codes

These examples are accompanied by open-source reference codes that demonstrate the practical implementation of the eWeLink CUBE open API. By looking through these codes, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to utilize the API effectively and tail it according to your specific integration needs.




eWeLink Smart Home

This example demonstrates how to use the eWeLink CUBE API to register and add devices to iHost through an add-on.

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eWeLink CUBE plugin

for HomeBridge

This showcases how an add-on utilizes the eWeLink CUBE API to retrieve the device list from iHost and control these devices.

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Check on Github (web)


This example demonstrates how an add-on retrieves devices from NSPanel Pro using the eWeLink CUBE API and synchronizes them into iHost using the eWeLink CUBE API.

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This example demonstrates how an add-on utilizes the eWeLink CUBE API to achieve the ability to register and add custom tiles, as well as display custom tiles.

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This showcases how an add-on can convert MQTT subscribed messages into HTTP messages and integrate devices using the MQTT protocol into iHost using the eWeLink CUBE API.

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This showcases how a Node-RED palette utilizes the eWeLink CUBE API to retrieve the device list from iHost and integrate iHost into a third-party platform.

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Full documentation

Additionally, we highly recommend referring to the full API documentation of eWeLink CUBE provided by our team. This documentation offers detailed insights into the available API endpoints, request formats, response structures, and authentication mechanisms, allowing you to explore and utilize the full capabilities of the eWeLink CUBE. Hit the button below to get the full API documentation.

Whether you are building a smart home add-on, or creating innovative solutions, integrating with eWeLink CUBE through the open API provides endless possibilities. Let’s dive in and explore the potential of eWeLink CUBE in revolutionizing your connected device integration experience!

Note: If you have any questions using the open API, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or discuss with developers over the world in our official forum

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