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eWeLink CUBE Add-on Guide


Sync your NSPanel Pro sub-devices to eWeLink CUBE.


  • Navigate to the ‘Docker’ menu on the left
  • Tap ‘+’ on the upper right and search for Paral-Sync
  • Select ewelink/paral-sync and install it

  • Tap ‘RUN’ to open the settings, select network as ‘host’ , select a volume for the add-on and fill in other parameters according to your needs, then tap ‘RUN’

  • Open a new browser tab and go to ihost ip:8322  example: , Click Get access token and go back to iHost page to confirm.

  • Click Next

  • The add-on will automatically search your NSPanel Pro, click Get access token

  • Follow the Guide to operate your NSPanel Pro (click ‘ Device Name’ for 7 times in 10s in ‘ Settings-About’)

  • Click Done and on the next page you can click Sync to sync the devices to CUBE.
Note: In next update of this add-on, you won’t need to open a new browser tab, the webUI will show on the add-on page directly.

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