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eWeLink CUBE Add-on Guide



Allows you to integrate with smart home devices that do not natively support HomeKit.

  • Tap ‘+’ on the upper right and search for HomeBridge
  • Select oznu/homebridge and add it

  • Tap ‘INSTALL’ to install the add-on
  • Tap ‘RUN’ to open the settings, select network as ‘Host’ and fill in other parameters according to your needs, then tap ‘RUN’

  • Wait a while, and open a new browser tab to visit the HomeBridge page, the default URL is ihost.local:8581 or IP of iHost:8581 (for example, you may find the IP on your router’s management page)

  • Navigate to ‘Plugins’ to search for the eWeLink cube and install it.

  • After installation, in Settings, click “Get access token“.

  • Get back to the iHost Web console and confirm to get the iHost access token.

  • Back to the Homebridge setting page, click the “Device list“, select the device you want, and “Save“.

  • Restart the Homebridge and you can see the device on the “Homebridge Accessories”.

Possible Errors

*If you failed to get the access token automatically, try to click ‘Search iHost’ and enter an IP address to get the iHost access token.

*Expired. Click to reacquire a valid access token.
Please reacquire an access token if you replace iHost, and all devices in Homebridge will be deleted simultaneously.

*Failed to connect. Please confirm whether the iHost IP address is correct or not.

*IP already exists. Please confirm whether the iHost IP address is correct or not.

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