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eWeLink CUBE Add-on Guide

eWeLink Smart Home

Control your eWeLink-supported devices via CUBE-based hardware (like SONOFF iHost).

  • Navigate to the ‘Docker’ menu on the left
  • Tap ‘+’ on the upper right and search for eWeLink Smart Home
  • Select eWeLink/eWeLink-smart-home and add it

  • Tap ‘RUN’ to open the settings, select network as ‘Host’ and fill in other parameters according to your needs, then tap ‘RUN’


  • Navigate to the ‘Web UI’ tab, log in with your eWeLink account.


  • Tap the ‘Sync’ button on your devices to sync them to iHost.

Not under your account: Check if this device was shared with you by someone else.

Not supported: Device with LAN-control feature will be supported one by one. Learn more



Q: What device does it support?

A: Device with LAN-control feature.

Q: How to check if a device supports LAN control?

A: In eWeLink app, enter the device page, and go to device settings, the “LAN Control” option indicates that this feature is supported, please enable it.

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