eWeLink announced the incorporation of Alexa FFS technology for eWeLink Support products to improve the user experience of smart home devices.

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eWeLink's incorporation of Alexa FFS(Frustration-Free Setup) technology

eWeLink announced the incorporation of Alexa FFS(Frustration-Free Setup) technology to improve the user experience of smart home devices to a great extent. The frustration-free setup technology allows users to skip the traditional pairing process. As soon as the user powers on the device and links with eWeLink, they are ready to control their new smart home devices. To control a new FFS device, all that the user needs to do is to power on the device and link with eWeLink. 

SONOFF micro is the first eWeLink product that has integrated the FFS technology and obtained the FSS certificate. With FFS technology included, users can plug in the SONOFF micro and wait for it to connect with the existing WiFi network of their Alexa automatically. 

What FFS product can help?

 eWeLink is committed to improving the user experience of smart devices and has found out one of the turn-offs of smart devices is the pairing process. The integration of FFS reduces the complexities of setting up new products and increases the success rate of the initial setup. Therefore, FFS will be added to more and more eWeLink Support devices. The once steep learning curve for smart home devices will be flattened. FFS technology grants non-tech-savvy consumers access to smart home devices. 

Products with the FFS technology will be given the option to ‘Link to my Alexa account and to eWeLink to simplify setup’. When this is selected at the time of purchase, the consumer will be able to enjoy the frustration-free setup experience.

eWeLink has been featured on the official website of Alexa FFS website as an officially recommended solution provider for off-the-shelf products with FFS built in to decrease time-to-market for business owners.

A better setup experience is not enough. As a top-three solution provider of Alexa Smart Home IoT Solution Provider, eWeLink is always pursuing a higher bar for the all-around performance of eWeLink Support products. eWeLink team has joined the CFH(Certified For Humans) program and is confident that SONOFF micro will soon become a CFH eligible product that is, according to Alexa, “struggle-free, tinker-free, stress-free”.


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