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Do you have an idea of how much electricity the air conditioners or heaters are using? Do you know which devices or appliances are always ON and which are wasting electricity?
Apparently, the electricity bill can’t let you know where the electricity went, much less how to save electricity. This is why it makes practical sense to use Energy Dashboard, particularly in a time when power prices are raising.
With the easy-to-use Energy Dashboard, you can monitor your home electricity and then make smart decisions. Once you know which devices are consuming a lot of energy you can then decide what to do about them.

Energy Monitoring at a Glance

Do you wanna get a bird’s eye view in a snap? The energy dashboard can give you a Wow overview of the energy your compatible devices consume. You can get a weekly or monthly consumption view according to your needs, and even the historical electricity consumption for the past 3 months.

Compared with Last Week's/Month's Consumption

Are you leaving money on the table?
You can view comparative trends for your devices to see how much energy they used compared to the previous week or month. And adjust your energy consumption in time. Tracking every supported device, every group counts to save your money!

Ranking-Discover Top 5 Devices' Consumption Data

The user-friendly Ranking allows you to understand which top 5 devices are consuming the most energy. And you can take timely action based on the Ranking. For example, switch to eco mode operation if the thermostat device is among the top 5. 

energy dashboard-ranking

Get Alerted When Weekly/Monthly Target Reached

You will be proactively alerted when the weekly or monthly threshold you set is targeted, so you can assess and take any needed action right away. Wait, how to set it? You could tap the ⚙️ icon in the upper right corner, tap “All” for all your devices, enable “Alert”, and set the Monthly and Weekly Threshold.

Assign Specific Devices to Groups for Bulk Monitoring

Understanding which specific devices are consuming energy, when and how much, empowers you to find savings. Group monitoring gives you the power to categorize devices as you wish and take action. You could add the same type of devices or different rooms’ devices in the same group, checking and optimizing their power consumption in one place without having to walk around. Emm, how to add a group? Still tap the ⚙️ icon in the upper right corner, and tap “Add” to create a new group for your supported devices.


* “All” is a default group of all supported devices under your current account.

* You can create up to 8 groups.


Q: Why are my power devices not shown in the energy dashboard?

A: Supported devices for now:

● Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Power Monitoring


● SONOFF Smart Stackable Power Meter (4-Relays)

● SONOFF iPlug Wi-Fi Smart Plug

For more devices, please stay tuned!


Q: My supported device is online, but why is its consumption not being recorded?

A: It maybe because your device happens to be offline around 12:00 am when the device’s consumption for the day is collected.


Q: Why is there a difference in the current month’s power consumption between the device’s setting page and energy dashboard when there is only one device in my group?

A: Your device settings page records the consumption from the first day of the month to that day in real-time, while the energy dashboard records it from the same day to the previous day since that day’s consumption is usually collected around 12:00 am.

What important features are we missing? We’d love to hear from you! Join our discussion here 

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