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Since the release of the first version of eWeLink Web, we’ve received a lot of suggestions. We are grateful for the valuable information given to us. On the basis of it, we built a brand new version for eWeLink Web. We are so excited that we cannot wait until June 8 when it will be released, to tell you what this new version is about. Keep your eyes open, let’s see what amazing features we know you will love.


The new Dashboard tab provides you an overview of the current statuses of selected devices and real-time, refreshing data from smart devices at a glance. 

You can quickly access the current statuses of devices such as the on/off status of a device or separate gang of a multi-gang device, the real-time power, current, and voltage of a power measuring device,  and environmental data such as temperature and humidity. You can also control a 1-gang switch or plug or each separate gang of multi-gang devices directly on the dashboard. 

On the top right of the dashboard, as before, you may choose to hide offline or unsupported devices. What’s more, you may also submit feedback with the feedback button. 

Device Management

Corresponding to the dashboard, a device management tab is available for you to show or hide each device on Dashboard or not. The device management tab allows you to check the detailed information of devices including device name, device ID, home, room, current firmware version, latest firmware version, and online status. 


What’s more, manual scenes are operable in eWeLink Web as well. Just a click on the perform button, you can activate the selected manual scene. Moreover, auto scenes can also be enabled or disabled with a click of the mouse. 

More devices supported

From this version on, many devices are supported by eWeLink Web, including switches with temperature and humidity measurement such as the SONOFF TH series, switches with power measurement such as SONOFF POW R2, SONOFF DUALR3. Last but not the least, you can now watch the live view from the eWeLink Camera app on the eWeLink Web. 

Should you be interested in the new eWeLink Web, don’t hesitate to upgrade your account to the Advanced plan now. This way, you will be one of the first to use the new eWeLink Web as soon as it is released.


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